Path the bridge of no return, and burn it down.

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It has always the beginning and the end.

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Next Story: Perfection

Just a story with a happy end.

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Next Story: The End

The longer you wait, the more thoughts rushing in your head.

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Next Story: Original

Business model, Lean, Product, and Opportunity canvases explained

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It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas. — Paul Cezanne

An artist realizes her vision on a blank canvas by connecting simple lines into a subtle sketch, then puts brush strokes to shape a form, and gradually refines details into a final picture. Entrepreneurs go through similar steps but when doing business. Both start with the idea that has to be filled in a blank canvas or a page if you wish. The canvas empowers; it sets a foundation for the masterpiece. …

Michael Loboyko

Product Manager

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